Thinking About Indoor Air Qualtiy

I like keeping my blog reader informed about the indoor air quality in commercial buildings. Here are some good articles to read.

Indoor Air Pollution – Causes, Effects and Controls |

Indoor air pollution may result in damage to human health. However, it can be controlled effectively if we know its causes.

Get Your IndoorAirQuality Into Shape for Fall – Green Products

As the EPA site summarizes quite well, indoor air pollution is caused by a number of problems. The main cause of concern – which may require a professional evaluation to determine if it is a serious issue in your home – are leakages from any

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is Essential for a Lot of Factors | Duct

Indoor air quality is a vitally important element of creating and maintaining healthy facilities. IAQ and how your heating and air conditioning equipment.

Indoor Air Quality Investigation

This is an indoor air quality investigation conducted by Building Science Corporation in response to complaints about the air quality in a commercial office building in the northeast United States

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