What Exactly Is Commercial Air Duct Cleaning And Why Do I Need It

What Exactly Is Commercial Air Duct Cleaning And Why Do I Need It?

Office dust, mold, air duct, alergyThere’s something you ought to be aware of. Did you know that the indoor air quality of your office building may be compromised with spores, mold or other allergens? Every building has air ducts and return air vents. This is, of course, how the air for the furnace and air conditioning moves throughout the work areas. You can see the vents in every room. Although your furnace is equipped with a filter of some kind, sometimes, that filter isn’t enough to sufficiently do the job of removing air pollutants and allergens from your office.

Have you ever taken a close look at the return air vents? If not kept clean, the dust and pollen will simply recirculate throughout the area, and for someone will allergies or other sensitivities, that can be miserable. Now, just because the return air vents are dusty, doesn’t mean that you have a mold or pollen problem in your office or shop, but it can be an indicator that you should consider having the air ducts professionally cleaned.

A professional, commercial air duct cleaning company should be able to tell you honestly whether or not your air ducts truly need cleaning and whether the air quality inside your building is contaminated with mold spores or other pollutants. Its not as rare as you might think. A furnace and air conditioning unit needs to be properly maintained and if not, moisture can get inside and cause mold growth. Once this is determined, the company should clean more than just the registers and return air vents. They should be qualified to also inspect and clean all the components of the fan and fan housing, the grille and drip pans, heat exchangers, diffusers, and every other part that the air passes through. A good commercial air duct cleaning company will make sure that all dirt and debris is dislodged and vacuumed out, so that there is no remaining allergens that might recontaminate your work area.

Some companies may also offer to coat the air ducts with chemical cleaners and sealers that may or may notOffice workers celebrate clean air - Office Air Duct Cleaning inhibit future mold growth. Having a chemical sealant inside the vents though, may not be the best idea, as they may possibly emit fumes that will not be beneficial to the indoor air quality. Having clean vents would certainly be be advantageous to the office’s air quality however, even if you don’t notice any heavy-duty dirt or moldy odor. Especially if you have allergies to dust or mold, freshly cleaned vents and furnace parts can only be helpful. If you do decide to have a commercial air-duct cleaning service come to your office or shop, be sure they are qualified to do all the things you want to have done, then relax and look forward to the fresh, clean air that will be circulating throughout your building. It could change more than just the quality of the air, it could change the quality of your life!